I’m Working On That Quilt Again

After a month of making Painted Hankie Scarves,  it took me a while to figure out what I would work on today.

When I got to my studio, I walked around looking at fabric for potholders.  I played for a while with a few pieces of fabric that I had put in a pile when I was cleaning up my studio over a month ago, that I though might be the beginnings of a quilt.

It was only after lunch that I settled on continuing working on the quilt I started in December and has been hanging on my wall since then.

The reason I decided to work on it, was because as soon as I put it on my floor I knew it wanted that blue border.  The same blue that was pieced in with the light blue and white stripes.

Next, I found the little squares I had cut off a linen dish towel, waiting to be used.  The plaid between them was just the right colors and pattern.

This is what I had sewed together when I left my studio this evening.

I realized that the blue box wants to float so the quilt needs a wide border next. I wanted to use the same red and white fabric with the scene on it that is at the bottom of the quilt, but I don’t have enough to go around the whole thing.

That’s not a problem.  It is actually just this kind of thing that helps to make my quilts go in a direction I might not have taken them.  When I run out of a fabric I have to find something that will work in its place.

I spent some time looking for that fabric in my stash tonight but didn’t find it.

That doesn’t discourage me though.  It was the end of the day and I was creatively tired.  I have faith that just the right fabric is in my studio.  Either what I was looking for is there and I didn’t see it, or I have to think about it differently.

4 thoughts on “I’m Working On That Quilt Again

  1. What fun to watch this quilt’s character come to it’s own place. It’s one of the things that I’ve always loved about quilting, how each piece of fabric brings itself to you, guides you and shifts your original intent to a new direction. Looking forward to seeing where these fabrics take you!

  2. Quick look at the center of the quilt reminds me of a crazy quilt women made out of fabric that they had on hand. I like it!

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