Stirrings Of Spring

Lulu and Fanny

Even though the mud was frozen in pockets of hoofprints the air was softly cold.  I was up a half hour later than usual and the sun was already throwing shadows, the sky a deep blue.

For the first time since early winter Canada geese flew over the farm, this time heading north.  And as I mucked out the barn, I heard the cooing of pigeons, back from their winter migration, in the hayloft.

All signs of spring even though I know there are more wintery days to come.

Just yesterday I watched my neighbors, the mountains, fade in a swirl of falling snow.  How much easier it is, I thought, to observe what is happening than try to control it.

By the afternoon it was warm enough even for Fate to wash the barnyard mud off of her in the pond.

Imbolc (meaning In the belly) is a pagan holy day during the early days of February that celebrates the first stirrings of spring.  That may be the tradition, but I celebrated Imbolc today with the flying geese and cooing pigeons.

6 thoughts on “Stirrings Of Spring

  1. your words:
    How much easier it is, I thought, to observe what is happening than try to control it.

    Truth! why does it take human beings so long and so many lessons to learn this…or maybe it is just me…

  2. Love this pic of the donkeys. ❤️ I saw geese on my morning walk also. Well, I heard them first. Such a welcome sound! It reached 45 here today in WI. Tomorrow again too. Definitely some signs of spring, but as you said, winter days will be mixed in too no doubt. We leave for AZ on the 26th and will return April 8th.

    1. Oh have a wonderful trip Barb. Depending on where you are in Arizona, you may miss the rest of the winter. Will you be posting on Instagram? I haven’t been on it in so long, but I will look if you will have pics of your trip. If not, I’ll be thinking of all those wonderful deserts and rocks…My favorites parts of that state.

      1. Thanks, Maria. Not sure yet if I’ll post on IG and/or my blog. Will see how I feel about it. We will be in Flaggstaff. Never been to AZ, so I’m excited about the adventure!

      2. I’ll keep an eye out Barb. And if there is nothing new to see on either, I’ll know you are just right there taking it all in. The first time I was in Arizonia was in Flaggstaff for a few days in February years ago. That’s where I first fell in love with the desert. Enjoy your adventure!

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