Bud And Zinnia, Always There

Bud resting on Jon’s knee

Jon and I spent the morning in Saratoga going to his foot doctors.  He got the new brace he’s been waiting for and it already seems to be working well.  It will take a couple of weeks for Jon to adjust to it but we’re both feeling hopeful.

(Jon wrote all about it on his blog you can read it here.)

Every morning since the problem with his toe started over a year ago I’ve been putting a bandage on Jon’s toe.  And every morning, Bud jumps on Jon’s lap or sits on the ottoman leaning his head on Jon’s knee.

Zinnia’s also there, trying to give me licks. I guess because I’m on the floor and our faces are on the same level she thinks that’s why I’m there.

Or maybe she’s just being her enthusiastic self.

Zinnia sat draped in the blanket that was on Jon’s lap when he wasn’t feeling well. She’s stayed at the foot of his chair.

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