The Next Batch Of Donkey Potholders

My work table today as I was working on my Donkey Potholders

I worked on the last of my Donkey Potholders today.  I used up all the fabric except for some scraps that have just the heads of the donkeys.

I may figure out a way to use them.  I’m thinking of something along the lines of Donkey Portraits. I can imagine little frames of fabric around the donkey heads surrounded by a single pattern.

But that’s for another today.

As of now, I have ten more Donkey Potholders designed and still have to finish up actually making the first batch into potholders.

Most of the first batch of Donkey Potholders are already sold but with today’s batch I will have potholders for everyone on my list and I think a few to post in my Etsy Shop.  It gets a little confusing sometimes, but I’ve worked out a system of sending photos to people who are on my list in much the same way I did with my Painted Hankie Scarves.

I’m surprised at how many people who are buying these potholders either have donkeys, have had donkeys or know donkeys through friends.

I never thought much about donkeys until I met Jon and the animals that lived on Bedlam Farm.  I only knew the sheep at a distance, but I fell for Fanny and Lulu immediately.

Now I can hardly imagine life without them.

Today’s batch of Donkey Potholders

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