Warm Enough For Minnie

I waited for the afternoon sun to warm up the back porch then I moved the wicker chair from the barn back onto the porch.  That’s the chair that Flo spend most of last summer on.

It may still snow, but it was such a warm and sunny day, I wanted to give Minnie a chance to enjoy it a little.

We sat together on the chair a bit, but then Minnie hopped off into the garden to see what was going on there.  She sniffed the place where the catnip grows and the spot I left for her to do her business in.  (To keep her from using the whole garden as a toilet I leave a bare patch between the flowers that is just hers).  Then she spent some time scratching her ears on the lilac bush.

The hens wasted no time checking out the porch for cat food.  But I waited till Minnie wanted to go back into the basement before feeding her.

Sometimes I can be smarter than the hens.

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