From The Scarps of My Donkey Potholders

Now that I finished using up all the donkey fabric making Donkey Potholders, I can begin something new.

I spent yesterday mailing out my new Sheep Postcards and doing paperwork, so I didn’t get to my studio. Today I was eager to get back to work, but I knew I needed to ease back into it.

So I started by cleaning up the fabric on my worktable and floor.  Folding and organizing the fabric is meditative work.  It slows me down and inspires me. I often will get an idea from the leftover scraps that lead me to what I’ll be working on next.  Or when I’m putting fabric away something on my shelf will catch my eye.

Today, when I finished cleaning up, I had a small pile of fabric scraps left on my table.  So I started sewing them together. When I came up with a small patchwork square, I decided to line it with a solid color, then frame it with a print and make it into a potholder.

I made two more potholders, using up the rest of the scraps.  I had just enough of the flower print fabric left to frame all three potholders.  I recently got an email from the woman who sent me that fabric.  She used it to make a dress for her daughter in 1975.

I’m going to finish sewing my first batch of Donkey Potholders tomorrow, so I don’t know if I’ll have time to work on anything new.  But making these three potholders gave me the warm-up that I needed to start thinking about what’s next.

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