Sheep and Chamois, Making Mistakes

I spent the first hour in my studio, making a mistake on my new quilt and fixing it.

It all had to do with a hole in the fabric that I didn’t see until I’d sewed it on.  Once I got that settled, I was humming along when I decided I needed a piece of denim for that lower right corner.  I have denim in many shades of blue and looking for just the right one, I came across a long strip of denim I’d cut for another quilt.

The denim strip with the treads still in it.

One part of it even has some of the chamois sewn onto it.  I could tell it was also a mistake.  It still had the black threads in it, that told the story of how I’d sewed it onto a quilt, then taken it off.

Now it was just what I needed, complete with interesting fade marks made by the pockets I’d removed.

After sewing the top strip of denim on the quilt I’m not convinced it’s right, that block of blue in the left corner concerns me.  But I’ll look at it again tomorrow and I may see it differently.  I can always remove it, or maybe it will inform what I need to do next.

There are already many detail and areas in the quilt that I like. Above is one of them.

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