An Afternoon At The Dentist


A self-portrait I took in a shop window on my walk from the dentist to my doctor’s office

I went for a walk while Jon was having his tooth pulled.  Actually, it was a walk with a purpose.  I was delivering my and Jon’s  Health Care Proxy to our doctor’s office.  They’re just a few blocks from the dentist.

It took me a few years to decide who would be my backup agent on my Health Care Proxy.  Since I’m not close to my family and don’t have children I needed to ask a friend.  Much went into that decision, including the age of the person, if I felt they would be up to carrying out my end-of-life wishes, and how deep and long-lasting our friendship really is.

I’m fortunate to have some good friends in my life to choose from.

It was a relief when I finally made a decision and got the papers signed, witnessed, and to my attorney. Now they are in the hands of my healthcare provider too.

Zinnia laying on my foot in the dentist’s waiting room.

When I got back to the dentist’s office, Zinnia greeted me at the door.  I could hear Jon talking to Dr. Merryman (and he is very merry) and knew he was waiting for the Novacaine to do its work.

Zinnia wandered the dentist’s office and visited the receptionist, Ingrid, in hope of a treat.  Then she settled with her head on my feet.

About a half hour later I heard Jon call my name.  His tooth was replaced by a piece of gauze and he and Dr. Merryman were chatting like old friends. I just laughed when he told Jon to rest when he got home. That’s like telling a border collie not to chase the sheep.

Jon did take some beautiful photos on the drive back and we both took a nap once we got home.

One of the drawings I did in the waiting room.

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