Footprint Drawings On Ice

One of the footprint drawings on ice

An inch of ice is covering the few inches of snow that fell yesterday. It makes walking difficult.

Once again I put Fate in her crate when it was time to feed the animals.  This afternoon a tiny bit of glass bubbled up from the cut on her pad when I sprayed it with peroxide.  This time after putting antibiotic ointment on the cut I bandaged it up so it would be harder for her to take the bandage off.

I’m happy to say it’s still on as I write this.

So it was only Zinnia and me when we ventured out into the woods.  I dug my heels into the ice to break it as I walked.  Zinnia either made slight indents with her feet or slid sometimes on her belly.  Trails from mice and voles made shadowy lines under the ice, like the veins on the back of my hands.

The other lines on top of the ice came from larger animals.  Animals not heavy enough to break through the ice, but big enough to create cracks spreading out from a center point.

They looked intentional to me, symbols whose meanings I couldn’t decipher.  Drawing on the ice.


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