Sleepy Saturday

Drawing of the Living room window

What a lazy day Jon and I had.  Snow fell all morning. I pulled on a sweater over my nightshirt, put on a pair of leggins to shovel and feed the animals, and didn’t change my clothes for the rest of the day.

Jon did some writing telling our story against the backdrop of Eva Cassidy’s singing. While I did some drawing and read Roses In The Mouth Of A Lion by Bushra Rehman.

I’d been looking at the bottle, heart-shaped rock, and plant on the living room window for a while.  I thought to take a picture of it, but when I did, it didn’t convey the feeling I got from looking at it. So I did a drawing and discovered that it still didn’t work.  It needed color.  I’d never felt that way about the drawings that I do inside the house. And I haven’t drawn with colored pencils in years.

It’s a little more fussy than my drawings usually are, but I can see using colored pencils again.  It was fun figuring out how to make the colors do what I wanted them to.

The other drawing I did yesterday of another window in the living room.

8 thoughts on “Sleepy Saturday

  1. What a treat on a snow day. And a day of good rest was in order. I do the same thing on snow days, put pants over to shovel and then uncover my jammies.

    I have started using watercolor pencils – they are actually pigment ink so when water activated transform into strong permanent (!) color that can be used like watercolors. Amazing for fabric too.

    1. The pencils I used are actually watercolor pencils Elizabeth, I’ve only used them a bit. But That may be next in my color experimenting. Interesting that they can be used on fabric. I can see doing that. Thanks for the info.

      1. Depends on the pencil if they work on fabric. The ones I use are actually pigment that is activated by water and permanent. So you can color over, water color over, etc without smearing.

        I have pencils and markers that work that way. It’s all such fun, but I’m definitely going to try fabric.

  2. Still lifes of home— I’m such a fan! ( Even had to look up whether, in this context, it should be lifes or lives; it’s just silly how against the grain that feels!) I’m a hopeless logophile.

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