Almost Full Moon

Last night, as I was getting firewood from the woodshed, I saw the moon framed by the window opening in the gable end.  Not yet full, it was nestled in the clouds only for a moment.

At 3 am when the sky cleared, the moon cast shadows from the maple tree on the front of my studio. It felt like a blessing.

4 thoughts on “Almost Full Moon

  1. Great picture! We will be rolling into Camp Verde, AZ tomorrow which is a Dark Sky community – they have low minimal lighting to cut down on light pollution. So I’m curious to see this and be there for a full moon.

  2. I learned from an astronomer in our neighborhood that this is the Worm Full Moon. Knowing your interest in all creatures I just wanted to share this information with you.

    1. Last March Suzy Fatzinger told me that is was called the worm moon because the worm start coming up from the ground this time of year. I was thinking just thinking of that and how I now I associate Suzy with the Worm moon. Now I’ll think of you too Jill. Some people not like that association, but I don’t think either of you will mind. 🙂

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