Cool Cat Potholders For Sale

Cool Cat Potholders For sale In my Etsy Shop, Just click here.

I knew right away what kind of fabric would work with the cats on the remnant that Jon bought me. I just had to find it in my stash.  And I did, as I always do.  It’s one of the mysteries I marvel at, that I always have what I need to make what I want to.

It makes creating so much more interesting to not have chosen the fabric in my stash.  If I had, I think it might all be too similar. Because so many people send me their unwanted fabrics, I get a variety I could never match if I were choosing it all myself.

I also always have a great mix of vintage and contemporary material to work with.

My Cool Cat Potholders are $22 each + $5 shipping for one or more.  I have four of them still available.  You can see them all closeup and buy them in my Etsy Shop.  Just click here. 

Peachy Cool Cat Potholder
Wedgwood Blue Cool Cat Potholder

4 thoughts on “Cool Cat Potholders For Sale

  1. Hi Maria, if you make any more cat potholders Id like to buy one for my neighbor! Thx
    Cathy Madden

  2. Thank you for the nice card, Maria. I’m glad you can use the thread and I no longer have use of it. I’m getting better and am driving again and my garden is in bloom with daffodils from Conn.

    1. What a lovely way to start my day Uta. And I can just picture the daffodils blooming. I’m so glad you were able to bring some of your old home to your new. “:)

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