“I Belong To Me” Shipping And A New Batch Of Cool Cat Potholders

The morning was shipping, the afternoon sewing potholders. In between Jon and I were in Saratoga for medical appointments.

Jon made a big decision about his toe, which he has been struggling with for over a year.  It’s his story to tell and of course, he came home and wrote about it on his blog. You can read it here.

I’ve been saving the padded envelopes that we get from Amazon purchases and  I used some of them to mail out my potholders today.  The thought of just throwing them in the garbage makes me cringe,  I’m glad I have a way of reusing them.

I try to cover up the traces of Amazon, but the colors and symbols are ubiquitous.  I do try to make the packages my own by using tape with images from my art on it.  So instead of seeing the words Prime with the Amazon arrow, you get “I belong to me” or “Show Your Soul,” with just a bit of Amazon blue peeking through.


These are the Cool Cat Potholders I made this evening.  I’ll be taking Jon to his eye surgeon tomorrow, and I have Bellydancing soon after that, but I hope to make a few more tomorrow.

And those slippers in the photo are my new Studio Slippers.  I had a nice warm pair of slippers that I’d been wearing in my studio for years, but over the summer one of them went missing. I looked everywhere for it, but have the feeling one of the dogs grabbed it and buried it in the yard.

My studio has electric heat and passive solar with four big windows on the south side.  But the floor isn’t insulated.  It’s just wood boards over a low crawlspace with a dirt floor.  I prefer to go barefoot or just wear socks in the winter, but my feet get cold.  My new slippers however are soft and warm.

So even when it’s dark out and the wind is blowing, I can get my work done without having cold feet.

4 thoughts on ““I Belong To Me” Shipping And A New Batch Of Cool Cat Potholders

  1. Hi If it is available I would like the blue cat middle row bottom or the white cat middle row top! Thx

  2. I love the art tape, what a great way to recycle the Amazon envelopes! I reuse mine too, they’re great mailers. Your cat potholders are a lot of fun!

    1. The tape really makes it mine Josie.(I buy it when it’s on sale at Sticker Mule). I’m glad I don’t have to throw the envelopes away.

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