“Home” Again


Ironing some of the backing fabric for “Home”

It’s been over three weeks since I folded up the top of my quilt called “Home” and put it aside.  I’ve been waiting for the special wool batting to be delivered from St Peter’s Woollen Mill in Minnesota.

It came on Sunday so today I pieced together a backing and began the process of sewing the top, backing, and batting together.

That’s “Home” hanging on the wall as I work on the backing.

Ellen bought “Home” as well as a few of my other of my quilts, for herself and her family.  All of them have this wool batting in them.  It’s thick and fluffy, and warm, but not heavy.

The wool batting laid out on top of the front and back of the quilt. I’ll trim it to size, pin it and sew it all together.

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