The Canada Goose Couple Are Back

I saw them a couple of days ago land in the pond in the back pasture.  But today the Canada Goose couple, who nest on the farm every year, were hanging out by the apple tree.

They were as comfortable around the sheep as if they were a part of the flock.  And even, Lulu, who guards the farm acted as if they belonged.

Fate completely ignored them, it was Zinnia who chased the geese away.

But they’ll be back. Like the chickens, the geese know by now that Zinnia isn’t a real threat.

2 thoughts on “The Canada Goose Couple Are Back

  1. Our pair of plovers is back too which means spring is around the corner! They are ground nesters and love our field of prairie grass. They ignore our dogs as they march around the yard looking for seeds. I’m enjoying the bird song in the morning and I know Mother Nature has a few more good snows to deliver before the warm weather stays.

    1. I’ve never seen plovers Josie. They sound like wonderful birds to watch. We’re getting the spring snow today, it’s coming down hard but not accumulating much by us anyway. The morning birdsong here is so noticeably different too! Enjoy….

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