A Visit From Emma And Robin

My quilt called “Home” for Ellen. I sewed it together this morning, with the big fluffy will batting.  Now It’s ready to be tacked.

Jon’s daughter Emma and granddaughter Robin are on their way to the farm.  We’ll pick them up at the train station this afternoon and spend the weekend together.

If it doesn’t rain, we may get some sledding in.  There’s a nice hill in the barnyard that leads to the back pasture.  I’m not sure what the sheep and donkeys will think of it all, but we’ll find out.

I’m not used to being around kids, and I did learn some things the last time Robin was here.

One of them was about hot chocolate.  Last visit I made hot chocolate with Almond milk and Ovaltine.  It wasn’t a big hit with Robin. So this morning we bought some real milk and Swiss Miss with marshmallows.

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