All Is Certainty

A dead Ghost Plant

The rain wouldn’t have kept me from walking in the woods, but it stopped when I went out to feed the animals. I kept my red muck boots on knowing there would be mud and possibly water flowing over the wood planks that are the Gulley Bridge.

It was a relief to find out this morning that Jon has a kidney stone and nothing worse. I was ready for a walk in the woods after getting back from the doctor’s office.

I followed the path I cut years ago.  Fallen trees lay across it now.  Some I step over, others I have made a new path around.  The stream by the small waterfall soaked the path leading to it.  This happens every spring when the snow melts.

Zinnia splashed in the small stream and Fate and I jumped over it.  As I walked up the hill I was overcome with a feeling of peace.  It came suddenly, washing over me from head to foot.  All the tension I’d been feeling was gone.

It felt magical.

I looked around me at the landscape I’d come to know so well and had the feeling that everything was just how it was supposed to be.  And not only in the woods but in my life as well.  As if there was certainty in all that was happening, both the good and bad.

The feeling stayed with me when I got back to the farm and even as I’m writing this.

I thought about how when I walk in the woods, something is always different.  Another tree has fallen or was bent by the wind and a  mushroom is sprouting in a place I wouldn’t have expected.  Change is constant, there is no remorse it’s just what is.

Maybe, I said to Jon as we were in the kitchen cooking dinner, this is the same feeling people have when they put their trust in God.

Because I’ve seen an aura of peace in people who really believe and I’ve always wondered what it feels like.

I don’t know how long this feeling will last.  But now that I know I can experience it, maybe I’ll be able to get it back again.

a small mushroom growing out of the old shag bark hickory

8 thoughts on “All Is Certainty

  1. How beautiful! My first thought was this should be a “postcard” picture. My second thought was that this image looks a phoenix to me. I really like the colors and design of the mushroom against the bark. Thanks for this one especially.

  2. The ghost plant picture is fantastic. Nature creates such amazing shapes and textures and colours. Do you take these pics with your iPhone?

    1. Thanks Carolyn, I have really happy with how that once came out. There is something viseral about that form for me. Much like a poppy flower when it dries. I did get this with my iPhone. Sometimes the camera works better for me than other times. I don’t know why, I can’t seem to figure it out. So I just wait to get lucky. 🙂

  3. Thanks, Maria; you have a beautiful way of expressing your thoughts and feelings. Your photography is excellent, too: I couldn’t help but appreciate the “stoicism” of that little mushroom growing out of the hickory tree.

    1. I appreciate you good words Kaaren. And I know what you mean about that mushroom! It’s really a tiny thing but so beautiful especially this time of year.

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