Back At Bishop Gibbons

Say K Paw, Da Blue, Hser Nay, me and Zinnia

It was an assignment in Sue’s photography class that got me and Hser Nay sitting on the floor in the art room.  Hser Nay was showing me some of the photographs she took of her friend Say K Paw as well as self-portraits and photos of food.

I had no idea Hser Nay, who was always at my sewing classes, was such a good photographer.  She loves to cook and sets up her plates creatively, then take pictures of them.

Say K Paw and Da Blue soon joined us.  I know the three of them from Bishop Maginn.  They are all refugees from Myanmar and are good friends.  They all know Zinnia from when she was a puppy and they helped train her at Bishop Maginn.

As we sat talking other students from Sue’s class came over to see Zinnia.  One of them asked who I was and what I was doing there.  I told her about how Jon wanted to do some good and found Sue Silverstein to help make that happen.

“That’s why we’re able to be here,” Hser Nay told her.  The Army of Good paid the school tuition for each of them.

I didn’t expect to be sitting in this circle of young women today talking about art. Both Say K Paw and Da Blue have been accepted into a couple of colleges and are nervous about getting the financing needed to go.  Sue assured them she’d help both of them get the financial aid they need.

As she was leaving for her next class Hser Nay thanked me for talking to her.

Because of the winter weather and Jon’s problems with his foot, we haven’t been able to get to the school in a while even though Sue keeps up updated on the wonderful art that is being made in her classroom.  We began questioning if our actually being there made a difference.

Now I know, without a doubt, it does.  We have plans to go back next week.

One of Hser Nay’s photos of Say K Paw.

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