Finding Rabbit Fur

a tuft of the rabbit fur

There was a smattering of gray hair on the ground between the woodpile and chicken coop this morning.  From a distance, it looked like bird feathers,  but when I got close I could see it was rabbit fur.  And far from just gray.   The mix of colors was so beautiful, I had to take a picture of it.

There was no evidence of a struggle, no scratched up soil, no blood no footprints, no parts or pieces.   So I’m assuming it was a hawk or owl who swooped down on the rabbit and made a quick and clean exit.

This year is the first that we’ve had hawks come into the yard.  They came for the birds at the feeder and now a rabbit.

I don’t know if this will make them more likely to target the hens.  They may just be too big for a hawk and there are plenty of small rodents for them to feast on in the surrounding fields.

But it is a change.

Once I finish the bag of bird seed that is open, I’ll take down the bird feeder till next winter.  Maybe that will help keep the hawks and owls from looking in the yard for something to eat.

4 thoughts on “Finding Rabbit Fur

  1. A friend of mine took a tin pie pan and a wooden spoon and banged on it to scare them away. It worked for her.

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