My Painted Bird Potholders For Sale

Spiral Birds Potholder  for sale in my Etsy Shop

As often happens I sold some of the potholders I made last week before finishing them.

But I do still have five of them available.  These are my  Winter Bird Potholders.  The ones inspired by the cardinals I saw out my studio window all winter, the splash of red in all that white.

Then I moved on to the blackbirds.

I’ve been watching the ravens around the farm and in the woods since the summer. I’ve latched on to the magical possibilities they symbolize.  So when I see them I think of transformation in my own life, and how I have the power to create what I need for myself.

I tried to capture the energy I feel is between the ravens and that they convey to the world around them.

I made these potholders by painting the birds with fabric paint and then stitching around the paint.   I stitched the spirals using the placement of the birds to determine what they would look like.

One bird has a shadow instead of the energy lines.  There is something grounding about it.

My Winter Bird and Raven Potholders are $30 + $5 shipping for one or more. You can see them close up and buy them here.

My Raven Potholders for sale in my Etsy Shop.

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