Gift From The Paper Birch

The branch fell from our beautiful big old paper birch this winter.  And it’s as intriguing on the ground as it was when it was growing from the tree.

Jon has been taking pictures of it since it fell and the hens have claimed it as their new hangout.  It’s great camouflage for them and the arch made by the branch on the ground is perfect for them to walk under.

Today I cut some of the smaller branches off the fallen limb.  Partly to start the process of cleaning it up (Our handyman Mike will chainsaw and split the bigger pieces for firewood ) but also to give to Sue for her art class.

Last December one of Sue’s art projects for her students was to make small Christmas trees using white birch branches.  So when the limb fell, I thought of Sue and her art class.

Today I cut off the smaller branches from the birch limb.  Then I cut the thicker one into pieces, in varying lengths.  The topmost twigs were already sprouting catkins which the donkeys and sheep were happy to munch on.   I got two bags full of white birch branches for Sue’s art room.

It’s only as I was writing this that I realized what a gift that fallen birch limb is. 

I took this picture when the Birch limb fell late in December.  I’ll save the mushrooms before Mike cuts up limb for firewood.

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