Lomo’ Instant Fish Eye Lens. Walking Up The Dirt Road And Back

I had forgotten that the Lomo’ Instant camera came with three different lenses.  This afternoon when Jon and I went for a walk on the dirt road by us, I thought I’d try out the fisheye lens.

I was pleasantly surprised when I saw took the first picture and saw the circle format. I got the lighting just right on these, shooting with the sun behind me (you can see my shadow in the first photo) with the daylight setting

I love how soft these are, how the clouds fade into the blue of the sky and blur the horizon. The color was just right too.  I didn’t do any editing on these.

They’re pretty small too. The whole image is only 2″x 2 3/4″ and the circle itself is 1 1/2″.  They really do feel like tiny worlds.

And the three of them perfectly tell the story of walking up the road and back again.

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