My Rick Rack Cactus

My RickRack cactus on the kitchen window

I keep my Rick Rack cactus on the kitchen window.  Mostly because I love looking at it.  But it also thrives in the north-facing light.

It has grown so much since my friend Emily gave me the cutting over a year ago.  When it first sprouts it looks more like a regular cactus with spines from out of the ridges. But as it matures it turns into Rick Rack.

Often when I look at it (which is several times a day) I think of the box of rickrack I have in my studio. It’s a collection from many different people and someday, I know I’ll figure out how to use it all.

I’m not sure why I’m so fond of rickrack.

Maybe it’s because my mother used to sew it on the clothes she made for me when I was a kid. I can still picture it on two different smocks and on the back pockets of a pair of blue velvety bell bottoms.

Or maybe I just like that squiggly line it makes in so many different colors and that toothy fabric it’s made from.  I like saying it too….Rick Rack. It just sounds like fun.

I think one of the reasons it’s hard for me to use is because it feels like it belongs to a specific time and anything I put it on will speak to that.  I guess the challenge for me is to be able to use it so it says something new as well as keeping its history.

My box of Rick Rack

6 thoughts on “My Rick Rack Cactus

  1. My mom used to use the Rick back for when she let our dresses down and she sewed it on the line that was left there from when it was hemmed. She would iron it as good as she could and then she would take the Rick rack and sew it just in a straight line she didn’t go in a rick rack pattern just a straight line to cover the seam where she let it down for us. And when I had home ec in high school my teacher taught us the same thing just sew in a straight line right down the middle

    1. That mades so much sense, to use it to hide the hem line Theresa. And yes, sew it right down the middle. There is something so satisfying about that. I was going to mention that in my piece, but it didn’t really fit in. I’m so glad you mentioned it though…

  2. The cactus looks great, and I like the decorative shell and stone additions to the pot too.
    When you feel like working with it, how about using some of the rick rack for a few cactus potholders? It also made me think of jellyfish tentacles for some reason, or underwater plants….

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