Potholders From The Scraps On My Work Table

Today’s Potholders

I started the day by packing up all my painted bird Potholders that I sold last week and over the weekend.  I know I’ll be using that idea again, of painting the bird, then stitching around it.  Maybe in a fabric painting.

I often think of my potholders as sketches.  They can teach me a new technique or a different way of putting together colors and patterns.

After I got back from the post office, I worked on some more potholders inspired by the scraps that were left on my work table.  That’s why they’re all so different from each other.  I’ll probably make a few more tomorrow, or maybe I continue working on the quilt I started last week.

2 thoughts on “Potholders From The Scraps On My Work Table

  1. Maria,

    I think it would be a joy to cook with a potholder designed as a Pocket of Joy ….. Think about it !
    It may even make the food taste better from the Joy that is in the Pocket.

    Blessings of Joy for your day !

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