Anne’s Adventure

This morning Anne had an adventure.

While White Hen and Kitty went in one direction, Anne went the opposite way, all by herself.

She walked past the flooded marsh, then up the hill and under the apple tree.

Lulu and Fanny were too busy eating to notice her…

…but she turned Lori and Suzy’s heads.  Then Anne ducked under the gate and went back to the chicken coop.

The End

16 thoughts on “Anne’s Adventure

  1. Great story, Maria. I can see her strutting about the farm, chatting away as she found insects and wriggling things to engross her interest passing the donkeys, sheep and dogs as she winds her way home. A booklet of photos to present to Robin on her next visit? Thanks for the journey. Bev

  2. Sounds like the beginnings of a book……The Adventures of Anne the Brave Imperious Hen with lovely illustrations sketched by the artist Maria Wulf!

  3. What a sweet story about Anne. It brought a smile to my face and reminded me of “picture books” written for little kids. I, at age 80, enjoyed it very much. Thanks, Maria. The end.

    1. I love “The End” Linda. Such a great way to end a story. No guessing there. 🙂 I’m enjoyed taking the pictures and writing it too!

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