Bedlam Farm Canada Geese, Now Fred and Ethel

Frost grew on every surface of the farm.   But it’s a spring freeze quickly melted by the morning sun.  Although the water bowl on the porch had a thin layer of ice on it, water flooding the marsh flowed giving the geese a safe place to spend the early morning hours.

Fate’s paw is still healing so I left her and Zinnia in the dog yard.  The geese barked a warning but didn’t fly away even when I got close to them.

Jon asked for names for the goose couple on his blog a few days ago and we decided on Fred and Ethel.

When we first saw them about five or six years ago, we named them after Ruth and Wayne, after the couple from The Mansion. But it seemed like it was time for a new name for our geese.

We may call them by different names,  but they are the same geese.

Canada Geese can live for 25 years.  I don’t know how old our goose couple is.  I imagine when they are gone another couple will take their place.  It’s also possible that I will leave the farm before they do.

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