Almost Done Designing “Under The Sea”


I got some good work done on my Under The Sea quilt today. I’m just about finished designing it.

Jon was sick this morning with a stomach bug.  He’s feeling better now, but I spent my morning blogging so I could be in the house with him. By the afternoon he was feeling better and I was in my studio.

My plan from yesterday of making more squares with the leftover fabric from the quilt didn’t work out.  Instead, I used some of the scraps that Karen sent me.

The two pieces of fabric sewn together were just the right colors and feeling. I surrounded them with the faded denim.

It was one of those times when I saw clearly what needed to be done. The rest came easy.

There’s still a little left to do, but the picture below is where I left it today.

6 thoughts on “Almost Done Designing “Under The Sea”

  1. I love this quilt and the name is so appropriate for it. It is a tranquil scene. I could meditate on this quilt or hang it up and focus on the tranquil colors:)

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