The Tire Rolling Through The Pasture

Bud was doing that insistent barking again as if something was on the farm that shouldn’t be.  That’s his job, he patrols the fences and lets us know when anyone or anything comes too close to the farm.

I opened the back door and stepped outside.  And there, rolling through the pasture, was a tire.

I watched as it rolled from the far corner of the pasture gradually slowing down until it was just a few feet from the gate where it toppled over and lay on its side.

I actually looked up to see if it had dropped out of the clear blue sky. Then I wished I had taken a video.

It was surreal.

I couldn’t imagine where the tire had come from. There was no car in sight and the fence was intact.

Bud had stopped barking by the time I opened the gate and went into the pasture.  The tire was bigger than it looked from a distance, obviously from a truck.  I could see the marks where the bolts had sheared off.

I only saw the truck which was across the road and the distance of another whole pasture length away.  I waved at the truck and soon a woman holding the hand of a little boy was walking toward me.

They were okay, her husband was on the way and had called a tow truck. I rolled the tire out to the road so they could easily get it.

Later the woman knocked at our door to make sure our pasture fence wasn’t damaged or that any animal had been hurt.

The only time we’ve used that pasture all winter is when we throw the balls for Zinnia and Fate. The tire must have bounced right over the fence.  Little damage was done and no one was hurt.

And once again Bud was there to let me know that something on the farm was not as it should be.

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