The Bird and The Elephant


This time when the trees are bare the afternoon sun comes crashing through the west-facing window of my studio.  It streams across my floor keeping half my quilt in shadow and the other half bleached with light.

I hate to block the sun this time of year and prefer to be able to look out my windows, but if I can’t see my quilt I can’t work on it.

I’ve never hung curtains in my studio. When I need one,  I just pull a piece of fabric from my shelf and tack it up until the sun moves away.

Yesterday the fabric I grabbed looked so beautiful with the sun lighting it up.  Then I saw the shadow of the elephant.  My friend Mandy brought the wooden elephant back from India and it sits on the sash of my window.

The bird on the fabric just happened to fall on the perfect spot in relation to the elephant.

6 thoughts on “The Bird and The Elephant

  1. Wow. The clear detail of the blackbird on the branch in the foreground, and the lack of any detail on the elephant silhouette makes it seem as if I sit in India watching an elephant amble by way off in the distance. Thank you for the curtain safari!

  2. Some people (cough! Maria! cough!) can’t help making art with every little thing they do … What a gift.

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