My Slipper In The Linen Cabinet

My slipper and my newly folded linens in the cabinet

I opened the doors of the little cabinet where I keep my vintage linens and half of them toppled out.

The last time I went looking for something in that cabinet I had apparently just scooped the linens up from the floor where I had been sorting through them, shoved them back onto the shelves, and quickly closed the doors.

It had to be sometime during the summer because that’s when I lost my slipper.

When it started to get cold in the fall I began the search for my slipper.  When I couldn’t find it I was sure one of the dogs had buried it in the yard. Even though they’d never done anything like that before, I just couldn’t imagine what else might have happened to it.

Today while I was looking for fabric for a potholder idea I was thinking about, and the linens tumbled out, out came my slipper too.

Fortunately, I kept the other slipper.  Mostly because It was like new and I couldn’t get myself to throw it away.

I went through most of the winter wearing thick socks (my studio floor isn’t insulated and gets very cold in the winter) only buying a new pair of slippers at the end of  February.

It may be a superstition, but it often happens that when I lose something the only way to find it again is to give up looking for it.

It seemed to have worked this time.

There aren’t going to be many more days cold enough for me to need my slippers.  But  I do like knowing I’ll have them back for next winter.

And not only did I find my slipper, but I found a piece of linen for this new potholder idea I’m working on.  I also sorted through and folded up all my linens so now I can close the doors easily and my slipper has no place to hide.

2 thoughts on “My Slipper In The Linen Cabinet

  1. This is funny. I just wrote exactly the same thing two days ago. Lost items can only be found when you give up!

    1. Well it must be true then Carolyn. I looked for your piece on your blog but got caught up in your post with the all the pictures of the birds and animals who live on in your woods and fields. Wonderful pictures! I think some of the people who are here would enjoy your blog too.

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