Stories From The Woods. The Feather And The Arrow

It got cold again today, with a good April rain.  Water flowed over my boots as I crossed the Gully Bridge.

I decided to walk where I usually don’t, to look at the trees I’m not familiar with.

I was rewarded with a tiny feather stuck to a hollow stump as if someone left it as decoration or as a sign.   And when I crossed the stream in the woods where I haven’t before there was a hunter’s arrow sticking out of the trunk of a young elm.  I tried to pull it out, but it was wedged too tight.  So I broke the shaft of the arrow off and thought of a fish with a hook stuck in its belly.

It’s more than likely that the tree will grow around the arrowhead as they do around barbed wire and old farm machinery. But unlike a plow, the arrow will eventually disappear inside the tree.

And the deer that it missed and the hunter who shot the arrow will never know what became of it.

2 thoughts on “Stories From The Woods. The Feather And The Arrow

  1. This walk with you touched my heart deeply. I am glad you found the arrow in the tree and broke it off. I am glad the arrow missed the deer. The miracle of life continues on. ❤️ Could you make a potholder with a feather design?

    1. Yes, it all worked out that time Fran. Sometimes it does.
      That’s a nice idea about the feather Let me think about how I would do that….

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