“Pocket Of Joy Potholders”, Sold Out For Now

pocket of joy potholder

The words came from a conversation Jon and I were having.  The idea to make a potholder from them came from Gill.

Jon was saying how both of our blogs were places where people could go to find a little peace from the news and politics.  As we talked about it, I felt more than intellectualize our conversation and saw, in my mind,  a hollowed-out space, a pocket where people could go for good news.  I said our farm and blogs were like a pocket of joy.

Jon wrote about that idea on his blog…”It is to work hard and faithfully to create a Pocket of Joy in a troubled world. That’s what I can do.  Make the blog a place for good. That’s my choice.”

A week later Gill left a comment on my blog saying she would like to cook with a Pocket Of Joy potholder.

I liked that idea.  It took me a few days and some experimenting with sewing pockets onto fabric to get back to the original image I pictured when Jon and I first spoke about our blogs and their place in our society.

After that, the image for my potholder came easily.

I made twelve of them earlier in the week.  I finished sewing them into potholders and they were already sold before I could even put them up for sale in my Etsy Shop. So I’ll be making a few more for anyone who didn’t get one from this first batch.

I plan on having them all done early next week.

Each Pocket Of Joy Potholder is an original drawing created with fabric paint and individually stitched using my free-motion sewing machine.  I put down the paint first, then stitch over it, guaranteeing imperfection. 

5 thoughts on ““Pocket Of Joy Potholders”, Sold Out For Now

  1. These Pockets of Joy are delightful! A perfect description of Jon and your blogs, and the farm. If you’re starting a list for the next batch of potholders, please add my name. Thanks!

  2. Maria they are so lovely. If you have enough in the next batch, I’d like one for a friend. How do you keep up with demand?!

    1. What a wonderful problem to have Carolyn :). I will make sure to have one for you for your friend. I’ll be in touch when they are done. Thank you!

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