Flower and Pollinator Potholders

Flower and Pollinator Potholders

I’m calling them Flower and Polinator Potholders.  When I found the fabric, which had the right colors and bees I decided they added something special to the flowers. So each flower that came from a dish towel I found in my linen stash last week,  has a bee or two to go along with it.

It’s only in the past few years that I’ve gotten into watching the variety of bees, wasps, butterflies,  flies and other insects that swarm around the flowers in my gardens.

And like many people, I’ve come to appreciate and try to provide the right kinds of flowers for the bees and butterflies more since their numbers are on the decline.

This year I’m going to plant small spots of wildflower seeds on the front lawn. I have a plan to cover them with chicken wire so the chickens and birds don’t eat the seeds. This way I’ll be able to water them and watch them grow too. Milkweed will be among the seeds.

I hope to have these potholders all done early next week.

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