Pocket Of Joy Magnet


I chose this potholder for my Pocket of Joy Magnet

I stitched six more Pocket Of Joy Potholders today. These were the ones that  I painted on Friday.   Now, along with my Flower and Pollinator Potholders,  they just need to be sewn into potholders.

I’m not sure when I’ll be getting back into my studio.  Jon has his surgery early tomorrow morning and it will be 24-48 hours before he can stand up on his foot which will be numb from the anesthesia.  I’ll also be helping him ice his foot every 20 minutes for those first few days.

Last night we were watching Toast Of London (always funny) and I had the feeling that the surgery was done and everything was as it usually is, except that now Jon didn’t have a toe.  It was as if the construct of time no longer existed and we were in the future and present all at once.

I’m not sure what happened in those few moments to make me feel that, but it was comforting.

As I was working on my Pocket of Joy Potholders this afternoon, I thought about reproducing the image and making it into a magnet.

It wasn’t easy choosing a potholder to use for the magnet.  I was kind of delighted to see how even though they are all similar, they are all very different too.

My latest batch of Pocket Of Joy Potholders

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