The Barn Pigeon In The Nest

The pigeon in his/her nest

I think the pigeons who have their nest over the barn door are getting used to me.  They still fly away when I open the door, but not all the time.

And I was able to get this picture without the pigeon flying away.  I’m not sure if this is the male or female since they take turns sitting on the nest.

Before Pigeons were domesticated they lived on cliffs, so they still like to find dark cave-like cubbies to build their nests.  The male chooses the site and then the female sits there and waits for him to bring materials so she can build the nest.

I like to imagine the female sitting above the barn door as her mate brought her hay from the floor and sticks from the yard.

It takes about 22 days for the eggs to incubate.  I’m not sure when the pigeon in the barn laid her eggs, I’d guess it’s been about a week.

I’ll keep an eye on the nest without getting too close.  I feel like I interrupt them enough.

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