A Spider and A Moth In The Water Bucket

Robin with a mouthful of hay

The pigeon didn’t fly from the nest when I went into the barn this afternoon.

Before filling the water bucket I looked for insects.  I thought there might be some since it’s so warm today.

The small brown and gray moth flew from my fingertip just moments after I lifted it from the surface of the water.  I used a leaf to scoop up the big brown spider.  (I admire spiders but don’t like them crawling on me).

Biddy followed me to the barn for her grain and Suzy came with her.  I let Suzy in but turned Merricat and Kim away. Both of them have nice round bellies and don’t need grain.

The air makes me feel like I’m soaking in a warm bath.  I sit on the back step with Minnie while she eats to keep the hens away from her food. She didn’t come in last night and I doubt she will tonight.

Georgann wrote to me that when she was a kid in Texas her parents let her sleep outside when the peepers came out.  Just hearing that makes me want to put a mattress on the front porch and sleep outside.

2 thoughts on “A Spider and A Moth In The Water Bucket

  1. Growing up my friends and I used to take turns sleeping on each others porches in the summer. It was a lot of fun filled with conversation and laughter. I wonder if kids still do those kinds of things today. I hope so.

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