My Gardens Are Growing

Lungwort in my Back Porch Garden

The flowers are little and there aren’t many of them but my perennials are coming up.  My Naked Ladies that were here when we bought the farm have tall green leaves.  The flower won’t come till the end of the summer, but seeing the green leaves is enough for me this time of year.

The garlic that my friends Kitty and Charlie gave me last year is about six inches tall.  And the greens from my lilies and iris get longer every day.

The maples in the front yard are spotted with red buds and the Magnolia flowers are unfurling.

If the weather stays as soft and warm as it is today, Jon and I will be sitting outside this weekend. His foot elevated, we’ll be hanging out with the donkeys, sheep, and chickens,  watching the bird fly over the farm.

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