Kitty And Anne’s Adventure Under The Fence And Into The Barnyard

Ever since Mike fixed the gate the hens have not been in the barnyard.  There used to be a space under it big enough for them and Fate to crawl under.

So this morning I dug a  hole under the fence deep enough for the hens to be able to go under it and into the barnyard.

I tossed some meal worms on both sides of the fence then sang “Kitty Anne ” and made the clucking sound that White Hen responds to.

Kitty and Anne came running.

After some exploring….

Kitty found her way under the fence.

Once she was on the other side, Anne followed her.

When Kitty and Anne were pecking at the mealworms in the barnyard White Hen came over to see what was going on.

White Hen watched Kitty and Anne from the other side of the fence but wouldn’t follow them.

When they had eaten all the meal worms Kitty and Anne came out of the barnyard.  They took turns going under the fence.

I was glad to see that Kitty and Anne knew how to get back out of the barnyard by going under the fence the same way they went in.

Now I know they won’t get stuck in the barnyard again.

I may make the hole a little more gradual so the hens have an easier time using it.  I have no doubt that soon all three hens will be in and out of the barnyard like they used to be before Mike fixed the gate.

The End

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