The Three Old Wise Ewes Sharing Grain


Biddy was so skinny when we sheared her, even Ian, our shearer, remarked on it.  Since then I’ve been giving her grain and she’s starting to get a nice belly.

She loves to eat and never lost her appetite.  But she’s old and  I believe she just needs the extra nutrients, especially during the winter,  that grain provides.  I’ll keep an eye on her once the grass comes up, but I don’t think she’ll need grain this spring and summer.

If she does, I’ll make sure she gets it.

Biddy caught on quick when it came to following me to the barn to get her grain.  The first time I fed her from the cup of grain at the hay feeder with the other sheep around.   Now I just tap her on the head (she usually has her head down in the feeder eating hay) and show her the cup and she follows me.

Suzy and Socks come along too.

The three old ewes could all use some grain so I let them eat together.  Sometimes some of the other sheep try to get in the barn.  But unlike in the winter, they never get pushy and go back to their hay more quickly with each day that I turn them away.

Yesterday after they had their grain, Biddy led Suzy and Socks to the back pasture even though there was more hay in feeders.  They prefer the grass that is sprouting even if it is very close to the ground.  After a few minutes, the rest of the sheep followed the three old ewes, leaving the hay for Fanny and Lulu.

Biddy is a little slower than the other sheep, but she’s still full of life and getting fatter every day.

Suzy, Socks, and Biddy sharing grain in the barn

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