Summer Comes To Bedlam Farm


Kitty finding shade of the apple tree

I can smell our blooming Magnolia tree the way the sheep must be able to smell the grass coming up.  As I threw the ball for Fate and Zinnia yesterday evening in the south pasture, the sheep were at the gate, a symphony of demanding baas. When I ignored them, they banged on the gate like prisoners in an old movie.

It will be a while before the grass is tall enough for them to graze.

Summer came to the farm yesterday without the shade of full-grown leaves. The sheep took to the pole barn for most of the day, and the hens found shade in the old lilacs and in the hole in the apple tree.  Minnie moved with the sun sleeping in the shade of the porch posts.

Only the donkeys seemed not to mind the heat.   They rolled on the hard dusty ground where the grass doesn’t grow and lounged in the sun.

Fanny and Lulu enjoying the summer-like day

2 thoughts on “Summer Comes To Bedlam Farm

  1. I have never seen a Mayapple before! They look very interesting and I’m sure the flowers are beautiful! I miss the smell of magnolias, it is too dry here for them. But the lilacs are getting ready to Bud and I could stand outside and inhale their scent all day!

    We have had some beautiful days which make me anxious to get to work in my garden beds, then Mother Nature throws a gentle reminder and I wake up to a blanket of snow. As the day wears on the snow melts into the ground and the soil drinks up the scarce moisture. The sweet peas are making their appearance as is the bind weed and loco weed. I love the flowers on the loco weed, they are tenacious plants that can thrive in our dry wind swept prairie providing shades of purple across our field! Soon others will wake up and I will be able to work the soil and plant again. I love the rhythm of the seasons!

    1. Such beautiful writing Josie. I got a real picture from your words about the melting snow. Now I’m curious about the plants you mentioned. I’m not familiar with a couple of them. But I have a feeling from your description that I’d like them too. Enjoy your lilacs!

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