Something New: Notes From The Woods

Marsh Marigold growing in the woods by the stream

In the past couple of weeks I  started making notes when I walk in the woods by speaking the words that come to me into the Notes app on my iPhone.  I’ve decided to take those notes and write them, as they came to me, on my blog.  It’s something new I’m starting to do. Shorter pieces about my walks in the woods.  I’m calling it Notes From The Woods. 


It’s wet and cool after all these hot days and the woods are celebrating.

The understory of Japanese Honeysuckle is budding pale green leaves and suddenly there are walls in the woods. The paths I took yesterday are narrower today.

Sprouts in all shades of green push up through last years leaves.  The marsh marigolds saturated yellow flowers are in full bloom. Spotted trout lily leaves carpet the ground  which is speckled with  red buds from the maples.

Trout Lily leaves

6 thoughts on “Something New: Notes From The Woods

  1. I truly feel niurished by the notes from the woods.
    Your writing , I always feel and can imagine what you saw.
    Even without the photos, which are an added treat

  2. This is great reading. If you do it again next year it will be interesting to compare your experience. I love walking in the woods but am no longer able to do it as I live in a community. I still enjoy getting out on the side walks and watching the changes in peoples yards as trees and flowers bloom and fade. Thanks so much for sharing.

    1. That would be interesting. There is always that first time in the woods when it is suddenly green. I love that you still enjoy the natural world even if you can’t get to the woods. I grew up in the suburbs and did just as you are doing now to get my fix of nature.

  3. Thank you for this. I am truly looking forward to future musings from your walks. I always enjoy your writing but more especially when you are sharing your communion with the natural world with us. Walk on!

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