Making It Right

Clay Pot Potholder.  One of the Potholders I pieced together today.

I stood in the bathroom looking down at the swirl of my hair on the sink.  What an elegant line, so thin and undulating.  Beneath it, another single arched hair, and to the side of it two more in smaller varying lengths.

Instead of wiping them away, I gently touched my finger to each one guiding them into a design that was pleasing to me.  Each hair, cupping another or swirling parallel.

I’m making it right I thought, putting a little order of my own making back into my world.

Jon and I are a bit worn out.  We keep wondering why we’re tired.  I tell him he is healing and he tells me I’m doing a lot, I’m working hard.

It’s easy to see it in someone else, for us to tell each other to rest,  but not as easy to do.  Until the body will have no more of it and we nap. Yesterday Jon drove halfway home from our second trip to the doctor to get his bandage fixed while I dozed in the passenger seat.

This afternoon Jon woke confused from a deep sleep. Those are the best kind I think.  The ones where the body and brain get to do some healing.  We dream even if we don’t remember and afterward,  like the hair on the sink, things make a little more sense.  As if the subconscious helped sort some of the messy stuff out.

When I did get into my studio this morning, I looked at the mess and thought of all my plans for the day.  I did none of them.

Instead, I pieced together a few more potholders from the scraps on my work table.  There were some scraps of fabric that demanded to become potholders so I let it happen.

When no more fabric jumped out at me, I sorted and folded, putting most of it back on the shelves and ending up with a small pile of small scraps.

I have Bellydancing Class tonight which always invigorates and exhausts me.  I’ll sleep well and tomorrow I’ll have a tidy studio to go to in the morning.

6 thoughts on “Making It Right

  1. This is Theresa. I love the potholder. I hope I’m the first one to ask about it I want it. Can you make two of them with the same picture in the middle and almost looking the same with the green? I used to have a garden. Every year. Had a beautiful wisteria bush growing up the front porch and the ex cut it down every year. I had a cherry tree in the front yard he kept trimmed. Rose of Sharon bushes down the whole fence. Peonies. They are so huge I had to dig them up in a half and give some away. Hostas all over the place. I’ll send you pictures one day please say you can make me 2 like this thanks. And I got my pot holders today thank you Their beautiful.

    1. Your gardens sound like they were amazing Theresa! I do have more fabric so I can make you two potholders. The one on my blog is already sold. I’ll be in touch on FB. Thank you!

    1. Hi Marsha It is sold, But I do have more fabric and since it’s popular I’ll make some more. I can let you know when I have some if you’d like Thanks for asking. 🙂

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