More Pockets Of Joy

Painted fabric for my Pocket Of Joy Potholders

I packed up and mailed out forty of my Pocket of Joy magnets this morning.  A combination of orders from my Etsy Shop and email.  I still have more available so just click here if you’d like one or you can email me at [email protected].  The magnets are 3″square and are $7 including shipping.

Pocket of Joy Magnet

But before doing my shipping, I was in my studio painting a new batch of Pocket Of Joy Potholders.

They were dry by the time I came back from putting my magnets in the mail so I got to work sewing the words and flowers.  And what joy it is to make these potholders.  There is something about stitching around those colorful blobs of paint and making them into flowers that is really satisfying.

Today’s Pocket of Joy Potholders.  I’ll finish them up and put them up for sale in my Etsy Shop next week.  You can also email me if you’d like one.

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