Nesting Geese and Baby Pigeons On The Farm

Pigeon eggs shell

This morning there was a lone Canada goose in the barnyard.  He was pecking at the grass, grazing really with the rest of the sheep.  He seemed completely at home with them as if he were one of them.

The lone goose means the Canada Goose couple has built their nest and the female is sitting on it.  I have never seen their nest. I think it’s in the marsh by the south pasture because that’s where I have seen the goose couple and chicks in past years.  The female goose will incubate the eggs for about 28 days, so it will be another month before the chicks appear.

I hope to see them his year.

And this afternoon I found a broken pigeon eggshell under the pigeon’s nest.

That means at least one of the pigeons has hatched. I haven’t seen or heard any sign of the baby bird, but I imagine I will soon.  I didn’t want to get too close to the nest, but once they get a little older, I’ll get out the ladder and take a peek.

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