Flower and Bee Potholders For Sale

Flower and Pollinator Potholders for sale here

I used up all the flowers on the towel that I found in my linen cabinet a few weeks ago.  These white and yellow flowers needed a different kind of bee and palette.  So I used the yellow honey bees and found the spring colors that I see out my studio window to create this batch of Flower and Pollinator Potholders.

Each of the Potholders on this page is $22 and shipping is $5 for one or more. They are for sale in my Etsy Shop, just click here.

View from inside the pole barn where we are having a window put in. It was only when I looked at the marsh and distant mountains through the hole in the barn that I saw the similar colors that I used in my potholders.
A couple more Flower and Pollinator Potholders blue/green palette

I had a couple of more flowers that worked better with the blueish-green palette.  A Periwinkle and Magnolia.

Bee Hive Potholders

When I used up all the yellow and white flowers, I had some bee fabric left.

So I use the scraps on my work table to make bee potholers.  When they were done they reminded me of the frames from beehives that the bees use to make their honeycomb in.

So these are my BeeHive Potholders.  You can see them all close-up and buy them here. 

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