Sheep In The Mist

That’s Robin and Lori upfront

It’s been a long time since we’ve had a misty morning.

We covered Jon raised garden beds last night to protect the pansies and seedlings. They all survived the icy dew that might otherwise have killed them.

The sheep have little interest in hay anymore even though we haven’t opened up the north and south pastures to them yet.  They are finding good things to eat in the back pasture.  Once we open up the other two, I’ll close up the back pasture to let it grow.

Then the sheep will be limited to eating the fresh green grass for a couple of hours in the morning and afternoon.

But they still come in from the pasture when they hear me. They nibble a little hay and it’s always the three old ewes, Suzy, Socks and Biddy who lead them back out.

Fate and her sheep, Biddy, Constance, Suzy and Socks


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