Busy Day

Tacking Under the Sea with blue yarn

It’s a busy day, without much time in my studio.

I started tacking Under The Sea, and then Jon and I  picked up a train set from a Hobby Shop a few towns away and brought it to The Mansion. With the help of the Army of Good, he raised enough money to get the train set that has an engine that steams and a car with a spotlight.

When we brought it to The Mansion, Bill, who lives there, told us about the train set he had when he was a kid and said he’d be happy to help set this one up.

We had a frost last night, but the kale and lettuce seeds I put in my garden last week survived and are thriving alongside the garlic I planted in the fall.  Jon and I are talking about when to open up the pastures for the animals to graze.  We’re supposed to get both rain and sunshine this coming week so we’ll wait and give the grass a chance to grow a little more.

In a little while I’m going to visit my friend Emily and see an exhibit she has of her collages at the Pownal Library.  She and I will go right to Bellydancing Class from her house.

Thanks to everyone who bought the Potholders I put up for sale in my Etsy Shop yesterday.  I sold out of the flowers and bees.  I still have a few Pocket of Joy Potholders and more Pocket Of Joy Magnets for sale.

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