April Gardening

It’s been a warm April and I’ve had to stop myself from putting seeds in my gardens early.  We’re still getting some cold nights.

Today I moved two Outhouse Flowers from the wildflower garden to the front lawn.  They got so big last year, they were squeezing out the bee balm, coneflowers, and lupine.

I have plans for planting small pockets of wildflower seeds on the front lawn.  I’ll cover them with chicken wire to keep the chicken and birds from eating them.  It will be easier to water them too.

I pulled out some of the spiderwort that’s growing in my backporch garden to contain it. Then I moved a mini-astilbe to the front of the garden (it gets lost as the season goes on) and some of the coneflowers that have reseeded themselves to the back of the garden.

Jon and I also pruned the sycamore that we planted a few years ago in front of the house.

mowing the path into the woods

When I was done with the gardens, I mowed the path to the woods.

I knew if I didn’t do it soon, the grasses would grow to tall and I’d be locked out of the woods behind the farm like I was last year.  I took my clippers with me too and cut back some of the pussy-willows, Japanese Honeysuckles and Multiflora Rosa that were growing into the path.

Getting the lawnmower over the Gulley Bridge is always the hardest part, but the path to the woods is short so it’s not really a lot of work.

It feels good to have the path mowed.

I probably won’t be using it too much in the spring when the ticks are at their worst.  (I washed my clothes after a walk in the woods today and when I took my sweatshirt out of the wash, it still had a live tick on it).  But once the heat of the summer comes I’ll be back in the Orphaned Woods to see her with all her leaves on.

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