May Day Barn Swallows, Back On Bedlam Farm

It was just a few days ago I checked my blog to see when the Barn Swallows came back to the farm last year.  It was May 1st, so I was expecting them soon, but not on exactly the same day.

It’s as if they know it’s the midpoint between the beginning of Spring and Summer, the pagan holiday called Beltane celebrated with protecting fires.  It’s also the day that farmers would traditionally let their cows out to graze.

We were a little early with the grazing by a few days.  But it’s a good way for me to remember when we usually let the animals into the pasture.  And from now on I’ll also remember that the Barn Swallows come back around May Day.

2 thoughts on “May Day Barn Swallows, Back On Bedlam Farm

  1. … like the swallows returning to Capistrano. My daughter has a box turtle that hibernates in the yard then digs himself out of the ground around the same time each spring. As intelligent as humans are, I am always amazed at the superpowers of animals. Keep letting us know how all the birds and babies are doing!

    1. What a special thing that is Barbara! I’ve been reading the book An Immense World by Ed Yong and he writes about some of those “superpowers” the ones we understand anyway. There is so much we don’t know.
      I’ll keep you updated on the birds and babies. 🙂

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