Under The Sea

Under The Sea

With Jon’s help, (he took the picture) I got a good photo of my quilt Under the Sea.

I wasn’t thinking of the ocean when I made the first patchwork piece that started the quilt, but that’s how it evolved. It was the colors that led me, warm and tropical.

There is a mix of fabrics, flannel, corduroy, velour, cotton and denim. I tacked it with yarn in three different blues.

Now it’s all ready to be mailed to its new home.

6 thoughts on “Under The Sea

  1. This is elegant, Maria. I absolutely love it. I just read your post about anxiety and could feel my own and then I looked at this quilt and the jagged edges in me all smoothed out. Blessed work you do. Love to you, Wendy

  2. I love your technique of embedding tiny little patchwork pieces within the larger quilts. I have one of your potholders that uses a similar technique.

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